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Whether your community or company requires the purchase of equipment to have permanently on hand when disaster strikes, or chooses to rely upon Tekniam’s emergency response team to set up a network for you on a temporary basis, the RUCS provides the most cost-effective solution for building critical redundancy of emergency wireless networks that saves lives and livelihoods when normal communications fail.  Read more...

The RUCS is breakthrough technology utilizing state-of-the-art miniaturization to produce a super compact and lightweight device that’s easy to hand carry and broadcasts a remarkably powerful broadband Internet signal for its size, weight, and power draw. Read more...

Tekniam’s RUCS is changing the world in African and other developing countries delivering broadband Internet with a compact, easy to carry device that can throw a powerful signal with a remarkably low power draw at a small fraction of the cost of what has ever been possible before. Read more...

Connectivity to high speed cellular and broadband Internet is a basic need for all Americans. Yet many communities in the US struggle to bridge the digital divide. To solve this widespread issue, Tekniam has developed the RUCS, a customizable and instant wireless solution. The RUCS is affordable, compact, and rapidly deployable, bringing reliable last mile connectivity to communities that need it most. Read more...


Portable Communications Link (PCL) creates a standalone network, aggregating the signal from existing satellite, ethernet, broadband, or cellular networks.

DMs extend network signal from a PCL or any Ethernet source. They broadcast signal locally over a 1000+ ft radius and extend signal over a wide area through a wireless mesh network.

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An Edge-Based Commercial Grade Telecommunications Network
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The Capability You Need Today.
The Scalability You Need Tomorrow.


RUCS Use Case


Communications for telemedicine in underserved communities; backup emergency comms for hospitals and clinics.


RUCS Use Case


Mobile and fixed solutions for domestic and international missions.

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RUCS Use Case


Mobile and fixed solutions for off-grid rural areas.

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RUCS Use Case


Partnering with telecommunications providers to distribute signal to unserved and underserved areas.


RUCS Use Case


Mobile network for emergency response and disaster recovery missions.

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RUCS Use Case


Communications for unserved and underserved rural communities.


RUCS Brochure

Grab our RUCS product brochure for complete technical specs and purchasing information.


The best last mile wireless fiber, cellular, and satellite internet solution for many rural areas and emergency disaster relief telecommunications.


Talk to an Expert

Schedule a call with a Tekniam sales engineer. We'll learn about your project, answer your questions, explain our solutions, and show you the best ways to get started.

  • What kind of Internet speeds can I get from your system?
    The RUCS will support device connection speeds up to 244 mbps, depending upon the capabilities of your connecting device. Backbone architecture is designed around 1GB capabilities.
  • Can I connect the RUCS to Starlink? Dish? DirectTV?
    Yes. The RUCS can connect to Ka, Ku, L, C, or S band satellites. Our broadband wireless system allows users to extend their satellite signal throughout their property, connecting and supporting their home, business, and all IP enabled devices.
  • What is the range of the Distribution Module?
    Each Distribution Module has a range of approximately 1000ft., or 304 Meters.
  • Can I connect my wireless devices to your system?
    Yes. Any Wi-Fi enabled IP device can connect to our system.
  • Isn't this just like an Internet hotspot?
    No. A hotspot has limited range of up to 50-200ft, whereas our product has an effective range of approximately 1000ft. Also, a hotspot may only allow 10 users to connect. Our system provides access to 250 users.
  • How much power does it take to run the Distribution Modules?
    Our Distribution Modules draw approximately 8 watts of power. This remarkably low power draw makes the RUCS especially effective in off-grid situations and disaster recovery. It also greatly reduces the costs to operate compared to systems that require a gas driven generator to power.
  • What spectrum does the system use?
    The RUCS system uses 802.11 unlicensed spectrum.
  • Will the system work with 5G? 6G?
    Yes. Our broadband strength wireless system is built upon the current version of WiFi-5 and will be compatible with WiFi-6 and WiFi-7 once devices with those capabilities are largely available.
  • Where can I see the system in use?
    If you happen to be near the Island of Ocracoke off the coast of North Carolina, feel free to ask one of the many business owners about our system. Or simply look on the roof of the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department and you will see our Portable Communication Link – Satellite system.
  • Where are your offices located?
    We are headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with an East Coast office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our engineering, manufacturing and support facilities are located in Lenexa, Kansas.
  • What are some of the use cases?
    The RUCS system is ideal for First Responders; Non-Government Organizations; Governments; Rural Telecom; Education; Telemedicine; Energy; Austere Environments; and more! It played an important role in providing emergency broadband Internet after the devastating fire in Lahaina, Hawaii.
  • How much does it cost?
    Our solutions start at just $16k.
  • Can this be used for backup emergency communications?
    Yes. When basic communications are lost, our PCL-C+ can provide Internet/VOIP services for backup emergency communications. Redundancy is a crucial component of any disaster relief plan to minimize losses of both lives and livelihoods during an emergency. Compared to larger, older equipment that needs to be transported with a trailer, the RUCS’ easy to hand carry size and speed of deployment enables it to be taken where it’s needed quickly during a crisis. Because of the simplicity of setup and that it can be managed from the cloud, it does not require having a technical person onsite that is a crucial success factor in emergency situations.
  • Is my information secure?
    Yes. The RUCS systems employs industry recognized protection of your most valuable information, capable of scaling security for the most demanding clients.
  • Do you monitor web traffic?
    No. By law, Tekniam is prohibited from monitoring internet traffic. The system is configured to allow the maximum throughput of internet traffic both to and from user devices. The system can easily be configured to block unwanted or unacceptable types of internet traffic at the client’s direction, but the system is not configured to monitor traffic flows at the user connection level.
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