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Last Mile Rural Internet Solutions

Communications Solutions

For clients seeking a cost-effective solution to create, add to or improve their communications systems, the Tekniam team offers a turnkey solution.  


Analyze needs and determine if our product offers the best solution.


Develop optimum layout and determine the material and equipment needs.


Oversee the complete installation of your system by working with local subcontractors.

Operation and Maintenance

Engage local support teams to provide operational support and maintenance.

Monitoring and Control

24/7 remote monitoring of your system using the TekMESH™ cloud-based management system, plus local and/or remote management of your communication system.


Standard 1 year material warranty with the option to purchase extended warranties.

We offer customized solutions and provide training to help our clients deploy and operate their equipment.

The best last mile wireless broadband and cellular internet solution for many rural areas and emergency disaster relief telecommunications.

Standard Architecture

Use Case Healthcare



Healthcare providers are delivering network connectivity to their most vulnerable patients who need regular telemedicine care. 


According to the FCC, more than 19 million Americans live without access to telemedicine. Leading healthcare systems are deploying mobile RUCS to: 

  • Reduce Repeated Admission and related fines

  • Direct positive impact on Emergency Department resources

  • Reduce need and costs for EMS response and transport

  • Provide virtual access to specialists without regard to geography

  • Direct affect on Quality of Care for priority patients

Use Case Telecom Providers

Telecom Providers


Today, over 4.4 million households lack access to the Internet in the US. In rural areas, nearly one quarter of the population (14.5 million people) has no access to fixed broadband services while millions more have limited access.

  • Extending the reach of cellular systems in a small, ruggedized OSP form 

  • TekMESH™ network operations and monitoring 

  • Network diagnostics, user account management, and metering

Telecommunications providers look to the RUCS for a cost-effective solution to fill coverage gaps in remote areas.

Use Case First Responder

First Responders


When a natural disaster strikes and communications go down, first responders need to establish secure and reliable network connectivity on scene.

Agencies rely on the RUCS for: 

  • Establishing internet and cellular connectivity within minutes during rapid response events.

  • Extending the range of satellites, cellular, & hard-wire communications on the ground.

  • Redundant mesh communications networks at any type of fixed or mobile command post.

Firefighter portrait on duty. Photo of happy fireman with gas mask and helmet near fire en
Use Case Government

Government & Defense


Delivering the best technologies to our warfighters, ensuring they have the tools necessary for mission success.

  • Emits only 1 IP Address for up to 250 individual users

  • Greater stand-off distances promotes force protection

  • Rapid deployment

  • BYOD capable

  • Fail-safe technology (Satellite-Cellular-Fiber)

Screenshot 2022-09-02 152701.jpg
Use Case Austere

Austere Environments


Mobile and fixed solutions for off-grid rural areas.

  • Stand up IOT network by connecting to fiber, cellular, or satellite

  • Bond two networks for increased backhaul

  • Project Internet signal into valley or up a mountain

  • Monitor human and physical assets to increase safety

  • Reduce delays by staying connected

Screenshot 2022-09-02 153112.jpg
Use Case Rural

Rural Broadband


Communications for unserved and underserved communities.

  • An IOT network to support Education; Telemedicine; First Responders; Agriculture; Tourism; Energy; Communities

  • Affordable, Scalable, and Secure

  • Install and monetize the TekMESH™ network in days

  • Providing solutions for Economic Development and Emergency Communications

  • Allow our Grant writer to help capture available federal funding


RUCS Brochure

Grab our RUCS product brochure for complete technical specs and purchasing information.


The best last mile wireless fiber, cellular, and satellite internet solution for many rural areas and emergency disaster relief telecommunications.


Talk to an Expert

Schedule a call with a Tekniam sales engineer. We'll learn about your project, answer your questions, explain our solutions, and show you the best ways to get started.

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