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May 21, 2024

Armies of Algorithms Mobilized for Defense with Tekniam's RUCS, a Revolutionary New Broadband Internet Network

Dramatic breakthroughs in network bandwidth capabilities are enabling far reaching strategic military applications that decisively favors defense.

LENEXA, Kan., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Tekniam's new Remote Universal Communication System, or RUCS is a fast deploying, easy to hand carry device starting at only 5 lbs / 2.27 kgs that throws a powerful broadband Internet signal 3 miles / 4.8 km with very low power draw. The signal can be relayed between units up to 35 miles / 56.3 km with up to a gig of throughput at a time.

Truly breakthrough technology that delivers what has become one of the single most important strategic advantages of modern warfare. Bandwidth.

The world is at a major inflection point in history where new network technology is dramatically shifting the balance of military power from offense to defense.

In the First World War, machine guns and barbed wire enabled relatively few defenders to hold off vastly superior forces by slowing and destroying offensive attacks. This resulted in trench warfare stalemate with both sides having extremely limited mobility and movement that favored defense.

By the Second World War, firepower mounted on mobile armored tanks supported by air power made offensive actions practically unstoppable. This favored aggression that resulted in rapid initial gains made by Germany and Japan in the Second World War.

We have already entered the next great inflection point in modern warfare where algorithms have become as important as ammunition. Bandwidth capabilities that can handle exponentially increased data loads have become the crucial strategic element that now favors defense.

Most Important Lesson Learned from the War in Ukraine

A few years ago, Russia's invasion of Ukraine may well have been successful with a massive armored tank assault.

What has changed is the role of drones and satellites for reconnaissance that combined with algorithmic analysis, can detect anything as large as a tank moving. Drones are turning tanks into dinosaurs whose armor from a former era no longer protects from precision drone strikes that clearly favors defense.

Five thousand dollar flat-pack cardboard drones that are almost impossible to detect with radar and can be assembled quickly with rubber bands and glue are destroying multimillion dollar fighter jets on airfields dramatically redefining the meaning of air superiority.

All of this takes bandwidth to manage.

Bandwidth is Redefining the Battlefield with Modern Algorithmic Warfare

Broadband Internet now plays a pivotal role in military capabilities across a broad spectrum of applications.

  1. Communications. Real-time sharing of secure high-speed data and information between personnel who are widely dispersed geographically.

  2. Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering. Broadband networks enable the gathering, transmission, and analysis of vast amounts of data from a variety of sources such as drones, satellites, and reconnaissance missions.

  3. Operating Remote Unmanned Drones. On the modern battlefield, broadband Internet has become the crucial component of operating remote-controlled drones for assault, mine clearing and processing the bandwidth required to execute these missions successfully.

  4. Coordinating Joint Operations. Seamless communication between different branches of the military is enhanced with broadband network capabilities for maximum operational effectiveness.

  5. Cybersecurity and Network Defense. Broadband Internet maintains the highest level of security needed for military operations to detect cyber threats and defend against cyber-attacks.

  6. Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Tracking and coordinating the movement of equipment and supplies to military units is greatly enhanced with broadband Internet making certain they are received in a timely and efficient manner.

  7. Remote Training and Simulation. Virtual training for military personnel that mimics real-world scenarios strengthens military preparedness by eliminating the time and expense involved with travel.

  8. Field Medical Support. Broadband Internet can be vital delivering enhanced battlefield medical care by being able to draw upon advanced medical data for the best treatment of wounded soldiers.

Armies of Algorithms Mobilized for Defense

Fighting this type of modern warfare requires bandwidth that Tekniam's RUCS delivers for the full spectrum of military capabilities.

The RUCS is being used for military applications talking to drone swarms. The video feeds or sensory data the drones send back is then processed for analysis for target selection connecting unmanned reconnaissance with the shooters.


For special operations communications, the RUCS was designed to be lightweight and have high throughput up to a gig at a time. The RUCS is able to deliver a tremendous amount of power with remarkably low power draw.

In this way, Tekniam's RUCS is truly breakthrough technology. Delivering bandwidth to the battlefield in a way that is dramatically shifting the balance of military power from offense to defense. A low cost, easily hand carried device that formerly required heavy equipment towed on a trailer with a generator and gasoline to achieve only a fraction of the network power of Tekniam's new RUCS.

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