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March 26, 2024

Best Emergency Broadband Internet for Disaster Response & Recovery

The most cost-effective solution for bringing wireless broadband Internet networks to disaster areas that save lives and livelihoods

LENEXA, Kan., March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Tekniam's new Remote Universal Communication System (RUCS) is a compact and fast deploying emergency broadband network making a crucial impact getting reliable wireless Internet communication to disaster areas where it's needed most to help save lives.

What makes the RUCS truly breakthrough technology is its light weight and compact size. Operational in minutes, its speed of deployment, minimal power draw, and low cost to purchase and operate is a giant leap forward compared to anything previously available for disaster emergency communications and recovery.

Easily hand carried starting at only 5 lbs / 2.27 kgs, the RUCS can deliver a wireless broadband Internet signal within a 1000 ft radius from a Distribution Module (DM) contact point that can be accessed by 250 users. Despite having very low power requirements, the RUCS Portable Communication Link (PCL) units can be daisy-chained, relaying the signal 3 miles between units, and up to 35 miles in total distance covered.

Only a few cable connections are required, and the system can be fully operational and supply broadband strength Internet signals within minutes. The RUCS' small size, light weight, ease of transport, and remarkably low power draw is a complete game changer for providing fast emergency broadband Internet to communities reeling from disasters.

Say goodbye to previous technology that usually required a trailer pulled by a truck, a generator, and fuel to achieve only a fraction of the result. All that is needed with the RUCS is a power source - which can range from a 12-volt car battery, a wall plug, or a small power pack with solar - and an Internet source to transmit which can be from satellite, cellular, or fiber.

3 Crucial Functions of Disaster Emergency Broadband Internet

First responders like police, firefighters, and paramedics need fast, reliable Internet connectivity for communication and coordination. The flexibility and speed of deployment of a lightweight, easily hand carried wireless Internet connection that can be transported where it is needed and is operational in minutes can be a pivotal factor where lives and property are at stake.

This can range from weather alerts crucial to firefighters or emergency rescue operations, to calling for additional equipment or back-up for police or paramedics, which can be easily delayed if heavy communication equipment is required to be brought in on a trailer.

The second critical need is for emergency relief workers living out of tent cities and FEMA trailers for voice or email contact with friends and loved ones. Or to provide a moment of much needed rest and relaxation amongst the chaos with Netflix during down time.

Disaster recovery for business is the third critical need for emergency Internet that is longer term. The Internet is now so central to most businesses that a natural disaster that takes out a network can also take out a community's paychecks.

When networks go down, so does the ability to pay with credit cards, maintain communication with clients and customers, or access the cloud for data until networks are back up. By having a dedicated emergency Internet network that is easily transportable to where it is needed most, businesses can utilize the network following the initial emergency response and get back on their feet and fully functioning again to prevent major business interruptions.

When a disaster strikes, every second counts. The speed of deployment of such an essential service as Internet is crucial in terms of maximizing the impact it has on assisting disaster relief. When it comes to emergency Internet, the faster it goes up and is fully operational, the quicker lives can return to normal.

The RUCS is one device that serves the 3 needs of emergency communications. First responders can initially utilize the RUCS for rapid and secure communications. Relief personnel can remain connected with family, and businesses can get back up and running before more permanent Internet is restored minimizing business losses and the loss of paychecks so crucial for long term business recovery.

Don't Wait Until Disaster Strikes!

Tekniam's RUCS is the cutting-edge solution for emergency Internet disaster response and business recovery in a compact, 5 lbs / 2.27 kgs box. This breakthrough technology has performed flawlessly through hurricanes at a fraction of the price of comparable options for many times this size and price.

The RUCS is not only revolutionary new technology on a performance level but is also breakthrough on a price basis as well. No other emergency Internet solution comes close to the RUCS in terms of low price and cost of operation.

Tekniam's RUCS is the most cost-effective solution for building broadband emergency wireless Internet networks that saves lives and livelihoods in disaster struck communities when normal communications fail.

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