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April 23, 2024

Last Mile Internet in Developing Countries Finally Made Simple

Tekniam Founder Andrew Heaton in Africa, bringing broadband Internet to developing nations at a fraction of the cost.

LENEXA, Kan., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Connecting rural parts of the world to broadband Internet is a decade long challenge that NGO's, the World Bank, and governments worldwide are spending billions of dollars on working to solve. Tekniam saw this issue and developed a more adaptable and affordable connectivity solution, the Remote Universal Communication System, or the RUCS.

The RUCS is a portable and compact Internet solution that provides low-cost broadband Internet for developing countries struggling to bridge the digital divide. With configurations to fit an array of needs, this breakthrough technology delivers broadband signal to 250 users within a 1000 ft radius with one unit. Additional units allow the broadband signal to be relayed up to 3 miles between units, to cover a total distance of up to 30 miles.

A low power draw and versatile power options makes the RUCS ideal for off-grid applications, and doesn't require a gasoline generator and trailor to transport like many other solutions.

Tekniam's Founder Andrew Heaton recently spent two months in an East African nation bringing high speed broadband Internet to this developing country. The county has a total population of about 13 million people, with a couple million people in the capital city that are connected with cell towers and fiber.

What's hard to imagine is their entire nation shares only 10 gigabits of data!

To put that into perspective, you can get residential plans for a home in America with 10 gigabits of data. So, what you are able to buy for a household in a major market in America for maybe $150 a month they have for 13 million people. Their entire country!

They are unable to do things that are taken for granted elsewhere like working remotely, continuing education for teachers, or telemedicine to name just a few common Internet applications rapidly expanding in the developing world.

Cost Savings of Broadband Wireless Over Fiber

The country has spent a couple billion dollars on fiber in urban areas, but progress has been limited due to costs. To connect the rest of the country with fiber, they are probably looking at around 20 billion dollars.

Tekniam can bring connectivity to these areas with the RUCS and cover about 90% of their country far more cost effectively, for about half a billion dollars with broadband strength speeds. Despite being a mountainous country with hilly terrain, Tekniam can do in months what would take fiber companies a decade.

In Many Ways, Broadband Connectivity Is More Important Than Roads

Once people have access to broadband Internet in developing countries and a certain level of online proficiency, it can become a tremendous tool for economic development.

80% of this country is subsistence farming, which means they are making an average of about 2 dollars a day or less doing back-breaking labor. If people in rural areas can connect to the outside world via broadband Internet, a vast range of new economic opportunities opens up for them, like doing Turk work via

Turk work is contracted through Amazon for jobs that require human eyes to make decision computers are incapable of. For example, the computer downloads two pictures and asks is it the right one or the left one correct? Is the blue tool in the right place here, or the right place there?

Companies contract with Amazon to do quality control, like taking pictures of all of their boxes of tools going out. If a computer can't tell if a tool is in the right place as easily as a human can, they will pay someone living anywhere in the world 5 cents to look at a photo to tell if the tool is in the right place or not.

Turk work via is only one example of these dramatic new economic opportunities sweeping the developing nations connecting low-cost labor with quality management in industrialized nations that can pay a worker ten times what they are making as subsistence farmers.

Tekniam's RUCS is breakthrough technology changing the world in Africa and other developing countries. delivering broadband Internet with a compact, easy to carry device that can throw a powerful signal with a remarkably low power draw. All this at a fraction of the cost of what has ever been possible before!

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