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March 14, 2023

Tekniam’s RUCS Wireless Internet Acquired by Grant County, OR for Emergencies & Finding Missing Persons

Tekniam has provided Grant County, Oregon with the latest proprietary breakthrough in wireless communications. The Remote Universal Communication System, or RUCS broadband network, can be set up in minutes to operate anywhere. The Grant County RUCS project was funded through a U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant awarded late last year.

Grant County located in east-central Oregon, is one of the most rural, isolated counties in the lower 48 United States. The county is larger than some states, yet it averages only 1.6 people per square mile. Outside its small towns, the terrain is vast and often hard to reach. Its deeply eroded and arid topography is marked by many box canyons with steep walls. This has made providing Grant County with rural broadband Internet especially challenging – until now!

The RUCS breakthrough technology is compact, easy to hand-carry, and sets up in minutes. This compares with previous technology many times its size at a higher cost to buy, transport and operate.Starting at 5 pounds, or 2.2 kg, it has a very low 5-to-8-watt power draw, much lower than any of its competitors. Yet it transmits a powerful signal up to three miles to a distribution point. It can serve up to 250 WiFi users within a 1000-ft radius. It simply needs an Internet signal and a power source, that can be AC, DC or Solar.

While former solutions required large equipment that had to be transported in a truck or trailer and continuous gasoline to operate, RUCS is truly revolutionary making possible exciting new opportunities with a wireless Internet network that can be hand carried and set up anywhere.

Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley has the ongoing issue of finding and rescuing missing persons. The County hosts the spectacular John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Every year fossil hunters, hikers, and game hunters regularly become lost or go missing. These vast empty spaces require search and rescue teams to be sent out to find them.

Sheriff McKinley and his Office of Emergency Management immediately grasped the capability to set up an internet-anywhere field emergency command post with an easy-to-carry, lightweight RUCS off-grid network. First responders, including fire fighters, need up to date weather and situational updates with images that only broadband Internet can provide.

“We are fortunate to now have a RUCS unit on hand. The capabilities that it can provide will aid in a variety of events that can occur. Having the RUCS pre-staged in our county will save hours of response time for equipment that would otherwise need to be shipped in from hundreds of miles away during a crisis. And that time can add up to the difference in saving lives, or not.”

RUCS makes exciting new capabilities for search and rescue operations. An Internet signal can be beamed from the high walls of the box canyons. It can be titled “Missing Persons Network” that lost hikers with cell phones can receive. They can send messages with location and condition that search and rescue teams can receive in real time with an Internet connection.

Grant County officials compared RUCS with the competition and had seen that, for the cost of a competitor’s single unit, an entire constellation of RUCS units could be acquired. Tekniam’s patented antenna technology is the enabling technology that makes RUCS able to support 10 to 15 “hops,” with a distance of up to 30 to 35 miles.

This initial installation provides the core building blocks for Grant County to create a comprehensive base camp for distributed emergency and disaster response, as well as rural broadband Internet coverage county-wide.

About Grant County Emergency Management

Located in John Day, OR, the Office of Emergency Management has the mission to provide the organized analysis, planning, decision-making, and assignment of available resources to protect from, mitigation of, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the effects of all hazard emergencies and disasters within Grant County. Read about it at

About Tekniam

Headquartered in Lenexa, KS, Tekniam was founded in 2021 to bring connectivity to the most remote locations in the world. Products are made and assembled in the United States.

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