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Oct 27, 2023

Tekniam Provides Failsafe Internet Access to Pacific Emergency Management Teams during Hurricane Season

Tekniam is now proud to support Emergency Management Teams in the Pacific during hurricane season.  Our team has closely been monitoring the tropics and has made it a priority to demonstrate the benefits the RUCS (Remote Universal Communication System) can provide post-disaster. 


During one live demonstration, officials were able to easily set up and operate the RUCS with little to no guidance due to its remarkable user-friendly interface.  The RUCS provided coverage to an entire warehouse with no slowdown in data speeds and was recognized for the mobility it offers.  Even when powered by a small generator, the RUCS was able to provide a stable, reliable, network connection to many users over an area of 1000 square feet.  The team was also able to test the RUCS’s failsafe capabilities during the demonstration by switching from cellular to satellite immediately, and without disrupting network coverage.  All these benefits provided by such a small system encased in all-weather housing made the RUCS an easy decision to purchase. 

Pictured above is the PCL-C+

(Portable Communications Link – Cellular Plus Satellite)


Tekniam looks forward to our continued support for Emergency management teams on the frontlines of post-disasters by providing the most capable emergency internet tool available. To learn more about our technology and to see if the RUCS is the solution for you, visit or submit your information via our contact form.

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